Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buddhi and Siddhi

Shri Ganesha is sometimes shown with two female attendants.
They are not His wives, as is sometimes thought (He is an eternal child and does not marry) but represent Buddhi (Wisdom/intellect) and Siddhi (Success), shaktis (powers/qualities) that derive from Innocence, and they may have originated from one of His 108 names - Dvaimatura. Dvaimatura means 'the Son of two Mothers' (Mother Ganga, the Goddess of the Ganges, also claims that Ganesha is Her son).

Swayambhu (Naturally occuring, literally 'Self-created') form of Shri Ganesh at Morgaon in Maharashtra. One of the AshtaVinayaka (Eight Swayambhu shrines) flanked by images of Siddhi and Buddhi.

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