Saturday, March 19, 2011

Three Heads

Trimukha (three-faces) Ganapati, symbolises that Lord Ganesha pervades and transcends the three states of being: past, present and future; corresponding to the three gunas (channels) of existence: tamas, sattva and rajas. 
When human beings dwell in the past or future (tamas and rajas) they live in illusion, but true being (sattva) resides in the present moment. Tamas leads to emotionalism, inertia and conditioning; rajas leads to egoism and domination of others; but sattva is conducive to Self-realisation.


John said...

Do you have the full image of this staue? Where is it?

jeronimus said...

Hi John. Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately I don't have any information on that particular image.
On Search engines here are a fair number of different images of this particular form of Ganesha (trimukha). You could also try uploading the image to the Google image search box, to try to find it's source.